Choosing The Perfect Litter Box For Your Feline Friend

Sun 27 November 2016

The characteristics of a perfect litter box are both, being invisible and odor free. You could see the cat entering the box and emerging out perfectly clean. It needs to  be free of maintenance and requires no replacement of litter. Many aspects go into creating the right litter box for your cat. The primary factors include size, hoods, litters, colors, cleaning, odor control among others. All these go into making the perfect cat litter mat. For more information on how to promote good health of your pet without indigestion issues, read on

Creating a perfect litter box

Litter boxes come in several sizes to meet your space constraints. It is researched that big sized litter boxes are ideal for cats of any size. Jumbo litter pans are available for big cats. The litter comes also comes in varied colors that can camouflage with your decors. Some are created with earth tones that blend with the décor making it discreet. The attractive design makes it perfect for any home. Hoods can offer privacy. Moreover, it can prevent accidental spillage of urine and waste. It comes with zerolite filters that can prevent bad odor.

Cleaning the box

Cleaning of the litter box has to be easy. Some come with an inbuilt cleaning mechanism. There is both automatic and manual water removal with extended life. There are products actually cleans the waste and disposes the containers. It is a healthy option for cats. Moreover, the minimal handling makes it convenient for pet-lovers. The litters come in many textures and materials. The odor treatments are critical for cat litter boxes as it prevents spreading of bad odor.

Biodegradable litters

Biodegradable material like home grown grasses that absorb odor is the right solution and safe for both pets and humans. The granules are easy on the cat paws and will not stick to the litter box. It is better than clay litter. There are convenient sprays available that can destroy any offensive smell from the litter box.

How to train your cat to use the litter box?

The toughest challenge for the pet lover is to train the cat to use the litter box. Despite spending money on the litter box, it is tough to make them use the box. Sometimes even a perfect litter box can be clumsy for the cat to use. You need to understand the size and style of the litter box before buying one. It has to be flexible for the cat to adapt to change. The cat undergoes certain adaptations to get used to the litter box.

Choosing the right style

Experiment with different boxes to find out which suits your cat better. Do not give up on the litter box until you exhaust all the options. Always ensure it is kept in clean condition. It is not always enough to have just one litter box. It is important to have at least two, just in case the cat rejects one. The box has to be placed in a quiet location away from food and water plates. Cats do need privacy and using a covered box could help. If the cat suffers from urinary disorders or is aging it is best to buy litter boxes that are easily accessible.

Choosing the best litter box could save a lot of hassles for the cat and its owner.

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